Create code quality reports for different projects by entering project-related data such as sprint name, sprint end date, velocity, defects, code coverage etc

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Analyze and compare reports created by different teams from the perspective of different code quality characteristics such as defects density, testability etc

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Share analysis reports with different stakeholders including senior management, customer/vendor/partners and appropriately plan on next steps.

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All in One chart to track various SQM attributes against Velocity
Velocity vs Defects Density chart
  • Manage code quality by having team leads enter code quality attributes for different sprints over a period of time.
  • Track code quality delivered by specific teams across different sprints
  • Compare code quality delivered by different teams across different sprints
  • Create code quality progress reports of different teams across different sprints spanning over a period of time.
  • Share trending reports with others including senior management assessing quality of code delivered by them over a period of time.